The surrounding landscape.

The promontory of Capo Vaticano is particularly suggestive, on which the commune of Ricadi reaches on 200 meters above sea-level. It divides the gulfs of Saint Eufemia and of Gioia Tauro and it is the reference point not only for fishermen of this zone but also for all sailors, because its beacon transmitter, put in motion for the first time in 1885 and modernized in 1946, is an important station, for those who sail from North straight the Straits of Messina, because it lights over 30 miles.

The Capo Vaticano coast is characterized by suggestive little beaches with white and very fine sand, separated from Monolithic rocks. The latter emerge from the sea and some of them can be reached only by sea, which has a crystal-clear limpidness. An enchanting coast, coloured with palm trees and cactus, myrtle and broom, geranium and wild poppies; an interlacing of steep reef of rocks, which falls straight up the sea, enclosing in it these little white beaches. We should not forget the inland with its upland plains of Sila. Or we should not forget that there is near the mount Monte Poro, which is straight up on the sea for about 1000 meters from the place, where we can admire the wonderful panorama of Capo Vaticano.