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General travel Terms and Conditions

Mr. Cichello negotiates the conclusion of rental contracts for holiday accommodations of Residence Le Ville between the customer and the property owner. Mr. Cichello is only intermediary agent not a tour operator and acts as a representative for the property owner in the initiation and conclusion of a contract.

§ 1 Prices and methods of payment
1.1. The price of the booking price calculator include electricity, water, heating, cleaning and bed linen/towels. All chargeable additional services are added to basic prices in line interpretation of the corresponding price information of the homepage.
1.2. Payment: 30% of the total must be paid within one week after booking date, the final payment – add € 100 deposit – must be paid 2 weeks before your arrival to the bank account of the property. For reservations 0-5 weeks prior to arrival, please pay the full amount immediately and the payment is to prove.
1.3. In case of late payment or contract jerk sending the tenant has no claim on reservation or reference of the object. The landlord is entitled in this case the object without any other notice to rent.
1.4. Deposit: For our apartment is to pay a deposit (100 €). Upon satisfactory final inspection, the jerk payment is made to the tenant to be specified in the contract account up to 21 days after departure.

§ 2 Booking
2.1. With the by telephone, electronic or written request asking the tenant to the mediator at the conclusion of a lease. The lease agreement is concluded only when the mediator to the tenant in writing or by e-mail the booking confirmed and the tenants the terms and conditions accept. Please note that by resignation in later cancellation fees may apply.
2.2. All requests sent from the homepage www.leville.com are just a request and not a reservation.
2.3. Lease period: The lease period begins on arrival day at 14:00 clock and ends at 10:OO clock on departure day.
2.4. Changeover day is for all apartments Saturday. Different arrival days or booking incomplete weeks (with extra charge) is possibly for the season A, B and C by appointment.
2.5. More assignments are subject to permitting and subject to additional surcharge, failure to comply may entitle the landlord to terminate without notice.
2.6. Online reservation done by email confirmation of the mediator. The lease will be sent by mail and these are valid also without signature.

§ 3 Delivery
3.1. Cleaning: The house is handed to the tenant in a clean condition. In case of poor cleaning, he has a right to repair, if it tells immediately on arrival.
3.2. The key is handed on location from the home assistance/owner. The tenant is liable for lost keys and the lock and closing will be changed at its cost.

§ 4 Damage
4.1. The tenant agrees to treat the rental property including inventory carefully and notify immediately the landlord all damages. He shall be liable for errors or deficiencies because of inventory, as well as for damages arising to the house itself, which is caused by improper behavior on his part or his fellow accompanying, including children.

§ 5 Resignation/Booking changes
5.1. Booking changes or cancellations is only writing or by email accept, the extra expense will be charged with 25 € processing fee.
5.2. In case the tenant cancels the agreement until 21 days before arrival, without naming a new tenant who enters into the contract on the same terms, is the deposit and 30% of the total rent as compensation.
5.3. In case of cancellation until 21 days before arrival, and other rental of the lease by the Owner, the amount of compensation is calculated minus the replacement rent, under the same conditions account for the cancellation fee, up to the 25 € (5.1).
5.4. In case of cancellation is less than 14 days before arrival, premature departure, later arrival no entitlement to a cost reimbursement.
5.5. The conclusion of a travel cancellation insurance is recommended.

§ 6 Higher violent
6.1 If in the rented property damage caused by the landlord not responsible is, that make the object in the time ordered uninhabitable, the landlord offers according to its possibilities a replacement item from the contingent of his property. If it is not possible, the rent will be refunded. Further claims against over the landlord does not exist.

§ 7 House Rules Summary
7.1. Smoking is not prohibited in all apartments, but we ask you if it is possible to smoke in the outdoors zone due consideration for allergy sufferers. Animals must be held according to.
7.2. Bed linen: The use of bed linen is required. Bed Linen/Towels are included in the service, a change has to be ordered against later fee amount. Borrowed bed linen is to be deducted on departure.
7.3. Refuse is to separate after the local rules and at the latest on departure day to dispose of the house to the right dustbin/glass container.
7.4. The dishes are splen to make and put everything back in its place /. The house is left clean and tidy.

§ 8 Severability clause: If any of these conditions is invalid or not feasible, the validity of the brige is not touched.